To be Cared

This drawing was so much fun with a local cardboard and limited supplies!
The drawing was made for the Colored Pencil Magazine August Art Challenge, where reference was given by Sally Robertson (Editor in-chief, Colored Pencil Magazine, NC USA). This piece was entered naming "Jenny, Foal and Mynah"
The drawing was selected for the first prize by the judges under Beginners category. The following has been quoted from them:
WHY IT WON: Oh so charming! The best part of this art is actually the background, it is so real and was very tough for many artists to get right. We love the addition of your native bird, but it is the lovely softness that you conveyed in donkeys that won us over. 
This drawing has been published on the back cover of the Colored Pencil Magazine October issue.
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Size: approx 7.75"x8.5"
Photo Reference: Sally Robertson



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