Peacock Pair

Phew! The first time to test a local Khaki Cardboard! Thanks to my Mom! She found it!
I was short of time to wait for any colored background which could hold the pencil pigments!
However, Here is a male white peacock, showing to a female Java Peacock.
The idea of entering a female Java peacock into the scene was due to my visit to an Aviary some days before!
The only Aviary of its kind (here), in Lake View Park, Islamabad.
There I saw the pairs of unmatching peacocks and having pied chicks! It was a wonderful sight to see birds free from captivity around you!

The major problem was with white! You can't draw white on white, plus you don't have time to draw the background negative (Deadline reaching soon) so you need something that could just fit properly!
I hope you enjoy it!

Au revoir!

Photo Reference: Sally Robertson



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