This is my second work on canvas and the first to be completed.. Often working with references from Facebook photos proves difficult because of the shrunk image sizes and low resolutions. You often need to play around the with the picture before starting to reproduce it and randoms are a step further. But becaue random pictures are "random", they are very natural to their posed counter-part are most likely to remain at back in front of an artist's choice..
The stretched canvas board had come pre-gessoed, so that was half of the work done. I used both wet and dry techniques for this one as well.

Some people like the grainy fabric showing through, others don't. Ofcourse, the rendering is different for both of them. Though I left it look grainy in order not to overwork the surface with dry media and scratch off the gesso layer.

Often, a busy background will draw attention away from the subject, but a vignette seldom goes wrong. The fact that she wore yellow in the reference, the blues would complement the overall look. One may keep it white too, looks great either ways.
Some hatches, fading background, fixing and done!

Tell me what you think about it.

Size: 1' x 1'

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