Valley Lass

The subject drawn is from Kalash Valley, at a short distance from Chitral.

The collaboration has been a great use of skill and time.Mir Sajid Ahmad is a photographer from Chitral, Pakistan.
And happy to end before the deadline that was the New year's eve. 😁

I had been thinking to convey a cultural portrait and this time, in a bigger size. I stumbled upon the idea of symbolizing the the indigenous tribe of Kalasha people in Northern areas of Pakistan. The population belonging to Kalash tribe is significantly low in number as compared to other minorities in Pakistan. The Kalash and their identity has been made secured by constitution of Pakistan.
These people are scattered in a span of three valleys. Thus the Title I have given.
One major identity of Kalash women is the characteristic black dress and their celebrations in their festivities by combining in a long chain and celebrating.
I have featured a young girl wearing the characteristic outfit that have been a symbol of peace for Pakistan internationally. The Kalash valley is a centre of attraction for national and international tourists alike. For years they have practised their heritage yet walking along with the modern world by acquiring good quality of education and communication skills.

Thanks for your valuable time. Would love to hear from you as well.

Photo Reference: Mir Sajid Ahmad
Size: 1' x 1½'



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